Environmental Forensics

Environmental Forensics at Argus

The field of environmental forensics covers a broad and diverse array of subject matter.  Typically, forensic activities pertain to those scientific investigations that focus on environmental contamination within the air, biota, soil and water. These investigations may be subject to law, public debate, or formal argumentation.  The entire process also strives to evaluate the basic science that serves as underpinnings to those activities.

Argus Environmental endeavors to focus on source contamination in terms of chemical characterization, biological influence, responsible parties, and potential legal consequences.  In many cases, this type of in-depth study requires the assembly of a multi-disciplinary team. The team may include analytical chemists, archeologists, geo-chemists, geologists, hydro-geologists, industrial hygienists, toxicologists, epidemiologists, professional engineers, and environmental attorneys.

Regardless of the scope of your forensic need, Argus Environmental can assemble the appropriate field experts into a single cohesive team.  We are then able to thoroughly analyze any sized situation and analyse it in order to fully characterize source contamination. We can also predict its potential environmental impact into the air, soil and water and any possible collateral health affects.