Industrial & Manufacturing

industrial & manufacturing

  • Asbestos
    Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was once used for insulation in commercial properties and housing. However, these minerals have been discovered to have adverse health effects.
  • Indoor Air Quality
    Argus has extensive experience helping building and facility managers evaluate and resolve indoor environmental quality issues.
  • Environmental Site Assessment
    We have experience working with commercial real estate to test the range of contaminants within the scope of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act and petroleum products.
  • Lead Based Paint
    Argus can guide you through the requirements of the many regulatory agencies that need to address a building's exterior and interior painted surfaces.
  • Mold
    Argus Environmental is licensed as a Mold Assessment Company and has extensive experience in removing mold successfully.
  • Pre-Purchase
    The goal of a property condition assessment is to identify and communicate physical deficiencies to our client. This makes sure that the property is safe and follows guidelines.
  • Thermal Imaging
    Our unique patented thermal imaging system is a powerful diagnostic tool. It is used to investigate damage or machine malfunctions without having to break anything down.
  • Training
    Argus Environmental specializes in creating occupational and environmental safety training programs in a variety of disciplines. These include maintenance, repair, and safety.
  • Safety
    Argus Environmental specializes in providing written safety plans for commercial clients in all areas of manufacturing, construction, demolition, and renovation.
  • Oil Field Safety
    Argus is your source for worker training or exposure monitoring.
  • Industrial Hygiene
    This area covers the analysis of company's industrial and manufacturing processes. This applies to all potential workers' exposure to hazards.